Top step... almost for Cameron in the North West Divisional Championships

In his own words 2nd on the day here is how it unfolded:

"Last Sunday I was competing at the North West RR championships. The race took place on the Capernwray circuit, a notoriously hilly course with a total of 2,000m of climbing in the 120km (9 laps).

On lap 3, after the bunch had naturally been whittled down due to the pace that had been set, there was an attack on the main climb, me and 4 others followed the move and quickly gained a substantial gap over what was left of the bunch. We worked well together for a few laps, then on lap 6, James Gullen attacked on the climb and I was the only rider able to follow over the top.

We worked well together and gained a gap on our 4 other breakaway companions chasing behind. Gullen then went again on the penultimate lap up the climb but I was unable to match the pace. I managed to hold off the 4 chasers for second place.

Thank you for the help from Colnago, Continental and Castelli."

Cameron Jeffers.jpg
Mike Hammond