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 saint piran: biscuits.

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imagine a wonderful taste experience, soft cornish clotted cream biscuits, hand made in cornwall, delivered to your door or even purchased from our partner stores.

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the reward is a mouth watering biscuit that not only crumbles in your mouth but also joining a part in the saint piran success story.


matt nowell:

I am delighted to race for saint piran, the support we recieve from our partners is invaluable. thank you furniss.


The biscuits that fair well


Furniss is the oldest and most cherished Cornish biscuit brand, steeped in local tradition and synonymous with nostalgic Cornish summer holidays.


The story begins in Cornwall, back in 1886, when master baker John Cooper Furniss opened his first teashop in the centre of Truro. Every night he would work into the small hours, preparing delicious gingerbread and celebrated fairings ready to serve fresh the next day. His passion for using the best local ingredients and exacting attention to detail quickly secured the Furniss teashop a reputation for serving up the tastiest biscuits in town, and orders began to pour in from surrounding areas.


The small business has continued to flourish ever since, and in 2006 Furniss became part of the locally owned Proper Cornish Food Company. Chairman Phil along with fellow shareholders Chris and Gerald make up the close-knit core team, who work hard to preserve the heritage of the favourite Cornish brand. The bakers create Furniss products with the same passion that John Cooper Furniss had, including the Original Cornish Fairing, a unique biscuit which was originally given as a gift to loved ones at Cornish fairs in the 19th century. Rather aptly, it remains Furniss’ most loved product, and has even earned its own trademark. The fairing won Silver in the 2018 Taste of the West Awards, while its indulgent companion, Furniss’ Cornish Clotted Cream Shortbread with Strawberries, scooped Gold.


While traditional and heritage sit at the heart of the company’s success, the team at Furniss aren’t afraid of adding a few modern twists and love experimenting with new flavours and combinations.

sue steele, furniss biscuits:

we have been a part of the cornish economy for over one hundred years. our distinctive saint piran branded biscuits in the new cylindrical tin exude quality, design and taste. we want to help build the cornish economy, support retailers and the team. we showcase all that is good about our region.

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