Castelli renew partnership with Saint Piran .

Castelli , the iconic Italian clothing manufacturer who are at the forefront of cycle race clothing design will be Saint Piran’s clothing supplier in 2019 .

Saint Piran are unique in professional cycling there are no sponsors names , logos or advertising on the jersey , the black colour representing the background of the Cornish flag , the distinctive white lettering mirroring the style of the Cornish flag .

Adorning the right sleeve the Cornish tartan displaying the key elements .

Each colour of tartan has a special significance or meaning. The White Cross on a black background is from the banner of Saint Piran , the Patron Saint of tinners, which is also used as the flag of Cornwall , Black and gold were the colours of the ancient Kings of Dumnonia red for legs and beak of the national bird, the Cornish chough , and blue for the blue of the sea surrounding Cornwall.

We are very grateful to Matt Hocking CEO at Leap in Cornwall whose company provided design and origination on the Cornish tartan .

Ricci Pascoe