Saint Piran looking forward to 2019 with Castelli

Castelli announce continued partnership with Saint Piran 

Eurosport “ The most distinctive characteristic about Saint Piran is that it’s the classiest kit in the peloton , we like it “ 

Castelli feature images on their social media platform, it justifies our position as a brand leader within cycling  says team principle Richard Pascoe .

Steve Lampier “ it’s part of our DNA to have the best kit and products from the world of cycling to develop our riders even at the expense of not having sponsorship logos on our kit , or indeed kit from other manufacturers.
The clean lines and simple message will help ensure longevity in the team over the next few years. . . . a unique model in pro cycling .

Castelli specially make the items for us , we benefit from world leading shorts , jerseys and training kit , straight from their work with Team Sky. How many other teams can say  that ? 

Ricci Pascoe