Saint Piran♣️Colnago owners group


Saint Piran is Proud to be the only UK team riding frames supplied by the most prestigious name in cycling - Colnago.

Colnago has a long history of supporting the sport, and Fans of the brand see this passion as its Raison D’ETRE.

we aim to take Saint Piran up to the next level in 2020 by becoming a ‘Continental’ team. our goal is sustainability, to provide a lasting, viable structure that gives opportunities to young riders.

if you would like to become a patron of the Saint Piran colnago owners group you can make a donation below. These donations will help to ensure that Saint Piran races as a Continental team in 2020.

We can only achieve this through working with our partners, sponsors, supporters and other organisations that share the same ethos.

Our collaboration with the Colnago owners group is a patron donation based model, giving the owners access to the team.

The owners add value to their donations by being the only group supporting the brand they represent - Colnago.



to become a Patron of the Saint Piran colnago owners group simply make a donation by clicking the button below.

we are hoping that patrons and group members will be able to design a unique colnago in team colours for a season. in addition both pre-order and end of season offers on frames and bikes EXCLUSIVELY for members.

The team has used the colnago concept platform in 2019. we are tempted by the new V3R.