Kurio Compression

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Saint Piran are delighted to announce a partnership with Kurio Compression.
The innovative UK company makes garments to enhance performance and transform recovery.

Saint Piran have a reputation for providing the best environment for their athletes so this partnership is a natural fit.

Kurio are unique in that they utilise a 3D scanning process to measure an athlete, ensuring the perfect fit. Handmade in an individual’s pattern, this helps reduce feelings of muscle soreness and risk of injury.
The compression offering allows for improved blood flow, reduce blood pooling, improves oxygenation and give the athlete a more comfortable experience.

If you think about the amount of travel each cyclist undertakes each year, especially with part of our team being based in Cornwall, then travel and recovery is even more crucial for our riders.

Kurio Compression offer three different types of compression garments, covering riders throughout the day. Travel ensures the riders arrive to races in the perfect condition, performance allows them to ride at their best and recovery makes sure they can recovery quickly, ready to go for the next days racing.

To find out more about Kurio Compression, please click on the link below www.kurio3dcompression.com